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KMC stands for Special Surgical Gynecology Frankfurt.

Whether inpatient or outpatient, gynecological surgery with high-tech and know-how gently and gently combined


Kruschinski Medical Center
Mainzer Landstr. 65
60329 Frankfurt am Main

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Experts and specialists

Here you will find an overview of our doctors and their special medical qualifications.

Our most important treatments

Here is just a small sample of the possible operations we offer. As a centre for surgical gynaecology frankfurt, we are among others a reference and training center for the new and gentle procedures by uterine mirroring with mini-hysteroscopy and mini-resectoscopy.


Hysteroscopic procedure is performed with gentle mini-hysteroscopy / office-hysteroscopy

Endometriosis surgery

Removal of spread uterine mucosa (endometriosis resection) by Laparoscopy


Removal of uterine attachments (adnexectomy) by Lift-Laparoscopy

Genital cosmetics

Cosmetic procedures on the genitals, labia, vaginal sculptures, vaginal lasers


Laparoscopy is carried out by means of 3-5 mm optics and instruments, also as gasless laparoscopy (lift-laparoscopy)

Removal of adhesions

Adhesiolysis is carried out according to a special concept with high success rates

Fertility surgery

If you wish to have children, we offer the complete surgical clarification of the female sterility


e.g. for the diagnosis or treatment of various bleeding disorders

Uterine removal

Hysterectomy can be performed with or without the cervix, also as gasless laparoscopy (lift laparoscopy)

Myoma operations

Removal of myomas by hysteroscopy and Lift-Laparoscopy

Cervical conisation

During conization, a tissue cone is cut out of the cervix and examinated histologically

Tumor removal breast

with compliance with ontological criteria from a cosmetic point of view

Sterilization of women

Tubal ligation can also be performed as gas-free lift-laparoscopy, even without general anesthesia

Ovarian cysts

Removal is carried out with the most careful preservation of healthy ovarian tissue

Vaginal procedures

e.g. removal of Bartolini cysts, septa or condylomen, also by laser

Endometrial ablation

The desertification of the mucous membrane of the uterus in case of bleeding disorders

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Why choose treatment with us?


Only very experienced specialists

The director of our department of minimally invasive gynaecology has an enormous expertise in modern minimally invasive surgical technology. By joining the Executive Board of the International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy (ISGE), the department is at the highest international level with progressive surgical techniques and state-of-the-art equipment technology.


Gentle and gentle anesthesia

The symbiosis between surgery and anaesthesia is particularly important for us in order to ensure that your surgical procedure and the subsequent healing phase can be as gentle and uncomplicated as possible. Therefore, we combine gentle local anesthesia, short anesthesia and regional anesthesia with our minimally invasive surgery


Your health is our greatest asset!

By ensuring our very experienced team, we can provide competent surgical care with excellent all-round care in our clinic in order to achieve the goal of your health restoration.

We help you recover quickly

Through one of our main areas of focus in surgical gynecology, minimally invasive laparoscopy, we can use small punctures and narrow instruments and imaging techniques to help us with both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures without placing too much strain on you through large cuts and interventions.

We do everything we can to help you recover quickly!


Years of experience

We are there for you and your questions

How does an operation work for us?

A necessary surgical procedure is always a physical and mental challenge. Therefore, it is very important to us that you as a patient feel safe and comfortable with us at all times. Your well-being is one of the pillars on which your recovery is built. Therefore, we would like to give you some small insights in this way, so that you have an idea of the process with us and possible uncertainties and fears can be put into perspective in advance. If you have any questions, concerns and wishes, please contact us. We are always there for you.
During your entire stay with us, our experienced team will be at your side competently and sensitively.

Also very short-term appointments possible!

If you or your doctor are in a hurry, don’t hesitate to call and ask for a short-term appointment. In most cases, we make it possible for you to be treated as soon as possible.

My wife is one of the previous patients of Dr. Kruschinski and he saved her life and had a great influence on the well being of our family. This is my recommendation by video and thank you very much Dr. Kruschinski

Alfons Verreijt, The Netherlands

Please read my story at Adhesions.Kruschinski.Center. You can also view my story in the video: Kelly Coffey

Kelly Coffee , United States

Please read my story at Adhesions.Kruschinski.Center. You can also view my story in the video: Charla M
Charla M, USA

Please read my story at Adhesions.Kruschinski.Center.
Shawn O, USA

Please read my story at Adhesions.Kruschinski.Center.
Tracy H. USA

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