New and exclusive in Germany!

Our Gubbin Refernce and Training Center for Mini-Hystero-Resectoscopy in Frankfurt offers the Gubbini Mini-Hystero-Resectoscopy made by Tontarra with a 2.9 mm endoscopy and with a ultra-thin 14.9 Fr and 16 Fr Hystero-Resectoscops.

Thus, it is possible to diagnose intrauterine findings in a very gentle and minimally tissue traumatizing manner and to remove them immediately at the same sitting and without dilataion of the cervical channel. Smaller findings in the uterus do not even require general anesthesia, but can be performed in local anesthesia.

The so called „See and Treat“ concept of the Office-Hysteroscopy saves operative time and multiple procedures when encountered the following pathoplogy:

  • Endocervical polyps
  • Biopsy in case of unclear findings in the uterus
  • Removal of Polypa and Myomas
  • Curetage and Ablation of the uterine endometrium

We would like to offer you this innovation, which means that there is significantly less pain, damage to the uterus and mucous membrane, and far fewer side effects than with conventional surgery by means of curetage or the usual hysteroscopy with 10 mm hysteroscopes.

In this context, we would also like to refer to our planned international symposium

“Mini-Hystero-Resectoscopy2020” in cooperation with Tontarra, which will take place in spring 2020 and to which we’ll invite you by time.


Daniel Kruschinski, MD

Gubbini Reference and Training Center for Mini Hystero-Resectoscopy

at Kruschinski Medical Center in Frankfurt Main